Arotech was founded in 1991, and has been a flexible and reliable provider of tools and equipment for the stone industry ever since. Originally located in Pirkkala, Arotech moved to Lahti in 2007 to join forces with the M.J. Paasikivi company. Now, the same building houses two significant stone product sectors: Arotech's technical products and Paasikivi's bronze products for headstones.

    From the day the company was founded, Arotech has offered high quality stonemasonry products that were built to last. The concepts of quality and fast and reliable deliveries still give us our competitive edge today. Products that must be delivered on a tight schedule, such as sandblast stencils, gold leaf, portable grinders and the most common grinding stones we deliver directly from our warehouse. Our deliveries leave the warehouse on the day after the order has been received, at the latest; usually, they are shipped on the same day.

    We provide e.g. grinding stones, sandblast stencils, stone glues and stone care materials, gold leaf and gilding equipment, various stone tools, stone grinders, and sand blasting equipment.

    Arotech wants to be your company's long-term business partner. With our reliable products and deliveries, we want to help you complete your high quality projects on schedule. Arotech - companion for stone professionals.

  M. J. Paasikivi Oy
Ilmarisentie 12
FI-15200 LAHTI

Tel. +358 3 8737 360
Fax +358 3 8737 370

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